Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blog Neglect

I think anyone who has a blog and is not getting paid for it tends to neglect their blog from time to time. We always start out so passionate about our subject, plan to make it a full blown functioning blog with lots of flare and insight... and then life gets in the way. Last time it was a pregnancy that seemed to make everything food related terrible to even think of, and this time its balancing school, two kids, house work and a social life.
Again, we are going cross country. I do plan to use this as an oppertunity for serveral posts, however as you see last time I didn't quiet accomplish this.
This time I plan to use a tool I found on How many times have you been watching food network and you want to go to all the places they are eating. This maps out every location from various food show along the way. I am so excited. Now lets see if I stick to it.
We leave Lemoore Dec. 6th