Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blog Neglect

I think anyone who has a blog and is not getting paid for it tends to neglect their blog from time to time. We always start out so passionate about our subject, plan to make it a full blown functioning blog with lots of flare and insight... and then life gets in the way. Last time it was a pregnancy that seemed to make everything food related terrible to even think of, and this time its balancing school, two kids, house work and a social life.
Again, we are going cross country. I do plan to use this as an oppertunity for serveral posts, however as you see last time I didn't quiet accomplish this.
This time I plan to use a tool I found on How many times have you been watching food network and you want to go to all the places they are eating. This maps out every location from various food show along the way. I am so excited. Now lets see if I stick to it.
We leave Lemoore Dec. 6th

Monday, March 7, 2011

Anxiously waiting for good food.

So my family and I have been planning a cross country trip so I can go see my Grandma Rutha in Kentucky, our friends in Alabama, and more family and friends in Virginia and D.C. I have been mapping out a lot of details like where we will stay and where we will eat.

The problem with mapping out details on where we will eat...

well for starters I think it takes out the spontaneity of going and finding that special place all on my own. I mean I can plan where we will stay on any given night (with two children that plan is important) but I can't exactly plan what city we will be in for dinner, and on this trip we only plan on eating dinner out to save on money. I have read about yummy plates at tiny places here and there. I get anxious, and excited about trying these dishes but I know that having expectations for something can make it fall short on the chart for scrumptious cuisine.

I'm all in a tizzy.
and I am open to suggestions
we are going through Utah, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri on the 70
and we will be crossing Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona on the 40. Any places you know of on that route? How bout suggestions for Nashville? I believe we will be having dinner there.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Central Valley Eats- "Ethnic" finds and regrets pt.1


Saigon Pho & Roll

Located in downtown Lemoore in the unlikeliest of place is a charming little Vietnamese restaurant. Not judging this book by its old gas station cover, step inside and try something new. Your taste buds will be surprised.
Now, since I follow my try everything twice rule most of the time, this place was no exception. Both times I have eaten here I have loved every flavorful bite. I go for the lemongrass chicken. If you are "picky" like me they will accommodate you. (I don't like onions on most things) Its also a great place to share a quiet evening with a loved one when you are catching a movie in Lemoore.
Check out reviews on urbanspoon

This is a place that my family frequents. We love the food, we love the prices. Everything is fresh and clean and they have a variety of salsa's. I wouldn't classify this as mexican and neither do they. Its more of a "Mexican Southwestern Grill" which is how they choose to title it. When you are in Hanford don't pass this place up without giving it a try.

This Japanese/ Hibachi restaurant is located moderately deep in Visalia on Caldwell. The food is great. The sushi is great. And it is kid friendly. Well my kid was entertained by the large fire, the egg hiding in the cooks hat and the "train" not to mention the huge fish tanks filled with tropical fish that extend down the center of the restaurant. We love it! but like most Japanese restaurants be prepared to USE YOUR WALLET! lol
again you can read the reviews and see the menu on

Phoenician Garden
mmm...Mediterranean. This is a very cute place located in Fresno in a shopping center located at Herndon and First. The prices are good, the food and service is great. Its a great place for a date or celebrating finding out the sex of the baby as it is located very close to St. Agnes. You can taste the freshness, and quality of the food with every bite. And even after you are stuffed, your mouth will be begging for more.

Samos Kitchen
Granted I can't pronounce anything on the menu because I don't speak a lick of Korean, I ordered and I ate. I was very surprised because I was reluctant to try Korean food, but when we got our food I was very surprised at how delish it was. The sad part is I have only eaten here once. I look forward to going back with my family, and I thank the friends who took us here in the first place. It is an exciting tour for the tongue. The sweet, the savory, the spicy and the mochi. :)
This place is located right off highway 41 when you take the Shaw exit.

love sushi?? I do! And so far one of the best places I have found is right in River Park. And according to the website the have another restaurant in Fresno elsewhere. I dunno. But I will tell you I love the one in River Park. Everything is made fresh. The miso is good. And they have a steamed asparagus appetizer that I love. Also for the adventurous or the just plain hungry who don't want to wait and order rolls they have the conveyor belt which is always a fun touch to the dinner experience.


El Tarasco
Located in downtown Hanford, its alright. I never had anything from there that I was just dying to eat again, but it is a little more authetic then say Figaros. Also If you are looking for a great place to get drinks, this would be that place. I have found that to be true on more than one occasion hahaha

Also, located in Hanford (with the rest of civilization) is a Japanese restaurant. hmmm. Well I will say this place isn't very kid friendly. The hot food wasn't that great, but if I just need sushi and don't want to drive this is where I would go because honestly its pretty good, however the selection kind of sucks along with the service.

Skip it.

Boba Island
I know some people are not going to like what I am saying but honestly I say skip it if you have a hankering for sushi. For the $40 bucks we spent, we weren't very please. Considering that's about how much we spend at a nice place for great sushi, i wan't happy to spend that much for low quailty. It was bad, just bad. I suppose that is what i get for trying to get sushi in Lemoore where the market is far too small to keep all of those fish fresh.
Now on the contrary I haven't eaten anything else other than the sushi so I am not that excited to go back but i suppose I will have to try again. Maybe next time I won't throw half of it away.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where the park and beach meet...

... there are two places to eat. The Beach Chalet and the Park Chalet. Both in the "same" building, and both with excellent views. The Beach Chalet is upstairs in the front and has an excellent view of the beach across the street, and is also the more expensive eatery of the two with entrees starting at $18 and up from there. The menu seemed great but as we were winding down our little vacation and were going on broke, the Beach Chalet was out of the question for us.
We opted for the more affordable Park Chalet, which is at the end of Golden Gate park, So if there is a wait (ours was 45 minutes) you can walk up the trail to see the windmill and beautiful tuplis in the Queen Wilhelmina Garden which is maybe a two to three minute walk. Since we were there on taco tuesday, they 2.50 tacos that you could eat on the lawn/in the park. They also had a bar outside so you could take advantage of the drink specials... and since its a brewery we did want to take advantage and sample the drinks. The specials that night were $3 ales and 1/2 off margaritas. Be warned the margaritas are strong!
Its worth checking out if you have a lot of time. If they are busy the wait staff is slow. Also on Tuesday when we went there was a live band, which was nice, but we had to yell to talk to one another. Perhaps during the day in the mid week may be easiest if you have a lot of sights to see.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Burgers On The Beach

For the longest time as a child, I hated red meat! Then I became a vegan, and that was too hard so then I was a vegetarian, and then one day out of nowhere I wanted a burger. I wanted a big juicy (not greasy) burger, topped with fresh ripe tomatoes, cold lettuce, cheese, and mustard (cause thats how I roll). No burger satisfied me. I was hardly ever content with eatery burgers, burger chains, and certainly not fast food burgers.
And then one day unexpectedly I stumbled upon the burger of my dreams. At first, I denied the burger but then the smell got my attention, then I saw the burger and the burger saw me. I ordered the burger and it was love at first bite. So much so that I had to have more and actually ate at the same place two days in a row, and may have even over ate.
Where is this burger you ask? This burger is at a place called Surf Burger, in Pensacola Fl. located on Pensacola beach blvd right on the bay, with sand all around, indoor and outdoor deck seating, its an awesome find.
The menu has a variety of typical beach grill foods, but what they are most popular for is the surf burger, with the secret sauce and the hula chips (sweet potato chips) made in house. They do have veggie burgers and some seafood items as well. All the food is moderately priced and cooked to order. Visit the website and the next time your in Florida check it out!

The Surf Burger

Friday, February 26, 2010

Best Slice Around

I went through a phase where I did not like pizza. I think this is mostly because as a kid and teen I was only exposed to fast food delivery chains or buffets (the worst). So when I started trying new foods, I really got into the Mediterranean or Greek type pizzas with the different types of olives and veggie toppings, but not all pizzas are created alike.
I have had slices from all over, Alabama, Virginia, California, and Florida and so far Virginia is taking the cake... or pie really. I fell in love with pizza again in Charlottesville, Va at a little place well known in the area called Christians Pizza (link below). There is three or four locations in the Charlottesville area, the location I frequent when I am in the area is the one at the Downtown Mall.
Now any real pizza lover knows that pizza is not just pizza, its a marriage between crust, sauce, and toppings. Christians has never failed, the crusts is always the perfect thickness to have a crunchy and soft texture and the same time, just the right amount of sauce and ingredients where you can taste the freshness. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Seriously, its like your first love, who you compare all your new boyfriends to.
On top of a quality product, the atmosphere is great. When you walk in you are greeted by a bar of what may be more than ten different types of pizza by the slice, calzones, and other pizzeria yummies! Christians doesn't deliver but its always worth the drive!

Christians Pizza