Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where the park and beach meet...

... there are two places to eat. The Beach Chalet and the Park Chalet. Both in the "same" building, and both with excellent views. The Beach Chalet is upstairs in the front and has an excellent view of the beach across the street, and is also the more expensive eatery of the two with entrees starting at $18 and up from there. The menu seemed great but as we were winding down our little vacation and were going on broke, the Beach Chalet was out of the question for us.
We opted for the more affordable Park Chalet, which is at the end of Golden Gate park, So if there is a wait (ours was 45 minutes) you can walk up the trail to see the windmill and beautiful tuplis in the Queen Wilhelmina Garden which is maybe a two to three minute walk. Since we were there on taco tuesday, they 2.50 tacos that you could eat on the lawn/in the park. They also had a bar outside so you could take advantage of the drink specials... and since its a brewery we did want to take advantage and sample the drinks. The specials that night were $3 ales and 1/2 off margaritas. Be warned the margaritas are strong!
Its worth checking out if you have a lot of time. If they are busy the wait staff is slow. Also on Tuesday when we went there was a live band, which was nice, but we had to yell to talk to one another. Perhaps during the day in the mid week may be easiest if you have a lot of sights to see.

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