Monday, March 7, 2011

Anxiously waiting for good food.

So my family and I have been planning a cross country trip so I can go see my Grandma Rutha in Kentucky, our friends in Alabama, and more family and friends in Virginia and D.C. I have been mapping out a lot of details like where we will stay and where we will eat.

The problem with mapping out details on where we will eat...

well for starters I think it takes out the spontaneity of going and finding that special place all on my own. I mean I can plan where we will stay on any given night (with two children that plan is important) but I can't exactly plan what city we will be in for dinner, and on this trip we only plan on eating dinner out to save on money. I have read about yummy plates at tiny places here and there. I get anxious, and excited about trying these dishes but I know that having expectations for something can make it fall short on the chart for scrumptious cuisine.

I'm all in a tizzy.
and I am open to suggestions
we are going through Utah, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri on the 70
and we will be crossing Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona on the 40. Any places you know of on that route? How bout suggestions for Nashville? I believe we will be having dinner there.

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